• Afghan: 9 militants killed
  • Bihar: 55 students fall ill
  • Shanghai: Tiger kills feeder
  • Republic of Congo: 18 killed
  • New Zealand Earthquake
  • Al-Qaida militants kill 100
  • Iraq council attacked
  • 21 killed in Philippine
  • Baghdad blasts: 13 killed
  • Mexico: 10 bodies found

Kolkata's Spanish Cafe: Melting pot of cultures, hit with foreign tourists  

06 Dec, 2013  

 If Spanish food is your stress-buster, if carefree banter with strangers from distant lands is what you seek for a nirvana post a hectic workday or if you just happen to be in the cultural capital on a shoe-string budget, then find your way to the unassuming Raj's Spanish Cafe.


When tech and tradition collide  (06 Dec, 2013)

An empty plastic chair succeeded in getting an official government photo ID card, I read in a newspaper.

Surgical technique named after Chandigarh doctor  (02 Dec, 2013)

Having devised and successfully carried out a new technique to remove a rare tumour of the kidney through a minimal invasive method, a surgeon from Chandigarh's Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) has had the technique named after him.

An all American holiday: Thank, eat and shop  (30 Nov, 2013)

Popcorn the turkey escaped with a presidential pardon, his backup Caramel was also spared, but some 45 million other birds were not as lucky as Americans made a meal of them to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Just won't know where to stop with this Kashmir delicacy  (29 Nov, 2013)

If you have eaten harisa once, you simply cannot ignore it, goes the old saying in Kashmir.

Women are gentle and meek, she said, hitting me with her handbag  (29 Nov, 2013)

The other day I overheard a tall European feminist lecturing a tiny Asian woman on the importance of resisting male oppression. The Asian female, a friend of mine, nodded politely. Then she went back to her full-time job, which is to torture and humiliate men. Head nurse of a male hospital ward, she has the interpersonal skills of the Marquis de Sade, although she has more imagination and better tools.

All the President's 'Desi' men and women  (25 Nov, 2013)

As Nisha Desai Biswal officially became Washington's first Indian-American pointperson for South and Central Asia last week, her boss mentioned that she is known as "somebody who speaks softly and carries a big stick".

The President's Men of Indian origin  (25 Nov, 2013)

People of Indian origin holding high positions in the Obama administration:

Technology proves a boon for Maharashtrian village  (22 Nov, 2013)

The increasing health hazards owing to the high nitrate content in the waters of the Bhima river in the flourishing sugarcane growing area here had left most of the 20,000 Mandavgan Farata villagers in Maharashtra's Pune district desperate for a cure.