• Afghan: 9 militants killed
  • Bihar: 55 students fall ill
  • Shanghai: Tiger kills feeder
  • Republic of Congo: 18 killed
  • New Zealand Earthquake
  • Al-Qaida militants kill 100
  • Iraq council attacked
  • 21 killed in Philippine
  • Baghdad blasts: 13 killed
  • Mexico: 10 bodies found

Beware of fake profiles on Indian Mars mission  

17 Dec, 2013  

The Indian space agency on Monday cautioned people on forged profiles about its Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


China plans to launch Chang'e 5 in 2017  (16 Dec, 2013)

China plans to launch lunar probe Chang'e 5 in 2017, the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence announced on Monday.

China opens space teleoperation centre  (15 Dec, 2013)

China's first centre designed for teleoperation of deep space missions was formally opened at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center following its successful trial use on the country's first moon rover early on Sunday.

Chinese lunar probe landing set for Saturday night

Chinese lunar probe landing set for Saturday night  (14 Dec, 2013)

China's lunar probe Chang'e-3 is scheduled to make an attempt to soft-land on the moon on Saturday night, according to sources in charge of the mission.

Kenya implants microchips to fight proaching  (13 Dec, 2013)

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) on Friday began implanting microchips in every rhino in the world's famous Masai Mara Games Reserve in an extensive process that will include sedating hundreds of animals.

Atomic regulators meet on Russian reactors  (13 Dec, 2013)

The 20th meeting of the VVER (Russian atomic reactor) Regulators Forum hosted by India for the first time concluded on Friday at Kanyakumari, said a senior Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) official.

ISS reports cooling system failure  (12 Dec, 2013)

The US space agency NASA said that one of the International Space Station's cooling systems failed on Wednesday but it posed no danger to the crew on board.

Indian Mars craft tuned to stay course  (11 Dec, 2013)

India's Mars spacecraft was fine tuned early on Wednesday in the interplanetary space to stay on course in the 680-million-km sun orbit on way to the Red Planet.

Curiosity finds evidence of ancient lake on Mars  (11 Dec, 2013)

The Curiosity rover has found evidence of an ancient lake on Mars that millions of years ago could have sustained life for long periods of time, NASA said.