• Afghan: 9 militants killed
  • Bihar: 55 students fall ill
  • Shanghai: Tiger kills feeder
  • Republic of Congo: 18 killed
  • New Zealand Earthquake
  • Al-Qaida militants kill 100
  • Iraq council attacked
  • 21 killed in Philippine
  • Baghdad blasts: 13 killed
  • Mexico: 10 bodies found

Turn in your IDs, India tells US diplomats as row escalates  

17 Dec, 2013  

Angry over the "despicable" and "barbaric" treatment meted out to its diplomat, India on Tuesday asked US diplomats to turn in their IDs even as Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde declined to meet a visiting US Congressional delegation. Rahul Gandhi and Shinde Tuesday refused to meet the US Congressional delegation, comprising Republican and Democrat members, to highlight India's strong disapproval of the arrest, handcuffing and strip search of diplomat Devyani Khobragade in New York last week.


Obama marks Newtown anniversary with call for gun control  (15 Dec, 2013)

President Barack Obama marked the first anniversary of the Newtown, Conn., elementary school shootings with calls for more action on gun control and more support for mental health.

'US has not abandon ex-FBI agent'  (15 Dec, 2013)

US Secretary of State John Kerry has said the United States has not abandoned a former FBI agent who disappeared in Iran around seven years ago.

resident to hold moment of silence for Newtown victims  (13 Dec, 2013)

US President Barck Obama will lead a moment of silence on Saturday to mark the one-year anniversary of the deadly school shooting in Newtown.

Four people stabbed in parking lot in Denver  (13 Dec, 2013)

Four people were stabbed in the parking lot in a stadium after the Denver Broncos' game on Thursday.

US suspends non-lethal aid to Syria  (12 Dec, 2013)

The Obama administration has suspended non-lethal aid to northern Syria after a rebel group seized bases and warehouses from the Western-backed Supreme Military Council (SMC), the US State Department said on Wednesday.

Kejriwal among Foreign Policy's 100 global thinkers  (12 Dec, 2013)

Aam Aadmi Party's impressive debut in the Delhi elections has earned party founder Arvind Kejriwal a place on Foreign Policy magazine's list of 100 global thinkers "for leading a campaign to clean up India's capital".

500,000 Colombians apply for US visas this year  (11 Dec, 2013)

A record half-a-million Colombians this year have requested a US visa and 85 percent of those requests have been approved, the US consulate in Bogota said.

US tech giants campaign against government snooping  (10 Dec, 2013)

Overcoming their rivalries, eight US tech giants have joined hands to launch a public campaign asking the Obama administration and the US Congress to put a check on government surveillance through internet.