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Man gets life term for killing Indian-origin employer
Man gets life term for killing Indian-origin employer

London, Dec 14:  A British court has sentenced a man to jail for life for killing his Indian-origin employer.

Amarjit Singh Rai, 41 and a father of three, died after being slashed across his throat and then bludgeoned on his head by his 27-year-old employee Fausto Graciano May 2 in a passageway in Edgbaston in the British city of Birmingham, the Birmingham Mail reported Friday.

The victim was the owner of the Pushkar restaurant on the city's Broad Street and Cafe Guzan in the Mailbox. Brazilian-born Graciano worked as a bartender at Pushkar and Cafe Guzan.

The accused was reportedly mentally unwell after his girlfriend went back to her country, Lithuania. His colleagues said he was acting in an abnormal way after his girlfriend left him.

The Birmingham Crown Court heard that Amarjit visited the defendant’s home May 1 in a bid to help him through his troubles but Graciano became violent and smashed a laptop to pieces.

Prosecutor Gareth Walters told the court that the following day, in a passageway close to Graciano's flat on Gillott Road, he attacked his employer with a knife and metal bar.

“It was a vicious attack involving the use of a knife, stabbing Rai and attempted strangulation,” Walters was quoted as saying.

A paramedic arrived at the scene and tried to help Rai but Graciano used a weightlifting bar to repeatedly hit Rai on the head, causing massive injuries.

“There are peculiar circumstances in this case. They were not strangers and Rai was an extremely caring individual,” defence lawyer Dean Kershaw said.

Judge William Davis said Amarjit was a successful businessman, a prominent member of his community, a good father and above all he was a very friendly person.

The court heard that the victim was well known for his kindness and it was his willingness to help others which “tragically” led to his death.

Update: 14-December-2013