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Indian Americans launch Overseas Friends of Narendra Modi
Members of Overseas Friends of Narendra Modi

New York, NY: Supporters of Narendra Modi, Bharatiya Janata Party’s Prime Ministerial candidate for 2014 General Elections launched Overseas Friends of  Modi in New York on Dec 8th and  enthusiastically  celebrated stunning victory of Narendra Modi and BJP in four States in India. 

While the vote counting in the four Indian States was going on in full swing, Indian American community  leaders assembled  in New York  to express their jubilation at the impressive victory of Narendra Modi/BJP in the four  states. The atmosphere in the banquet hall was ecstatic and electrifying.    

In his opening remarks Jagdish Sewhani, the event organizer said that this is the beginning of the end of the Congress party rule. “In this semi-final people have given their verdict and rejected the Congress rule riddled with scams, economic ruination and dynastic dictatorship. I am confident that in the elections in May 2014, the UPA government led by its chairperson Sonia Gandhi will be completely wiped out in the same manner  as  it happened in New Delhi and Rajasthan. The results in the four states have shown beyond any shadow of doubt that Modi is a charismatic and visionary leader. He is unstoppable now. I am sure that in the elections in May, BJP will come to power and Modi will be the Prime Minister of India,” he said.

Explaining the aims and objectives of   Overseas Friends of Narendra Modi (NAMO), Sewhani said, “Our goal is to bring  BJP to power on its own strength. To achieve this goal Overseas Friends of Narendra Modi is planning to send 5000 volunteers to campaign in India during the next Lok Sabha elections.”

Narain Kataria, President of Indian American Intellectuals Forum said that Modi is an embodiment of courage and valor. “He is a powerful orator, a consummate communicator and a forthright thinker. He is a fearless fighter, a legend who understands how to capture the collective imagination of the people he wants to lead.”

Here the names of some of the Indian American Community leaders who participated in the celebration:  Indu Jaiswal, Dr Urmilesh Arya, Dr Narendra Kukar, Dr Shashi Shah, Hirubhai Patel.Dr Ajay Lodha, Shami Singh, Balwindra Bajwa, Usha Aramalla, B.K. Kalotee, Narain Kataria, Arish Sahani, Dr Yashpal Arya, Tony Sardana, Dr. C.B. Singh and Dr Sunil Mehra.

Update: 16-December-2013