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Indian man denies charge in Dubai

Dubai, Dec 16: An Indian man, accused of battering his co-worker's head with an iron pipe pleaded not guilty in a court here.

The 29-year-old Indian electrician, who is identified by the initials of his name, JS, was charged with assaulting his countryman, YB, with a one-metre pipe five times on July 31, causing the victim a five percent permanent disability, Gulf News reported.

"I am not guilty. It is true that we had a fight... but it was his mistake. He (the victim) fell and hurt himself," JS told the Dubai Court of First Instance Sunday.

The suspect claimed they had a heated argument July 31, which developed into a fight and the victim fell and hit an iron pipe that was kept on the ground.

YB said that the suspect attacked him during their mid-day break around 1 p.m July 31, when he was napping.

YB said that it was 11.30 a.m, when the suspect came and asked to take an early break, while working on the construction site at Jumeirah Palm.

The victim said their daily break starts at 12.30 p.m and JS wanted to leave earlier, when YB prevented him they had a heated argument and the supervisor came and told JS that he would move him to another location after the break.

"Around 1 p.m while I was napping, the suspect came and kicked my leg. When I woke up, he attacked me with the pipe, he beat me five times. The first time he pounded my leg, then my head and I felt dizzy the third time he beat my arm and I felt that it was fractured," YB told prosecutors.

"Then he hit my finger and again my head. I bled from my head, meanwhile our co-workers intervened and stopped the assailant," he added.

The verdict in the case will be announced on January 12.

Update: 16-December-2013