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Marriage counselling futile for Ozzy Osbourne


London, Dec 17 (IANS) Singer Sharon Osbourne and husband Ozzy Osbourne gave up on marriage counselling because it was futile and it made the latter angry.

In April this year, the couple sought counselling sessions after Ozzy started taking drugs and resumed his drinking habit. But Sharon says the strength of their family helped them through instead of any therapy sessions.

"It was something we had never tried before. But actually, it just made Ozzy angry. We gave it a go, but it was not for us," Sharon told hellomagine.com.

"What we have done we have done together and with the help of our family," she added.

Ozzy, 65, and Sharon have been married for 30 years and have three children together - Aimee, 30, Kelly, 29, and Jack, 28.

But after Ozzy relapsed, the couple's marriage hit a rocky patch.

They are now looking ahead to the future and plan to spend their first Christmas for six years at their mansion in Buckinghamshire, South East England.


Update: 17-December-2013