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Railways' freight traffic revenue up 7.91 percent

New Delhi, Dec 17: The Railways have generated Rs.59,069.73 crore of revenue earnings from commodity-wise freight traffic during April 1-Nov 30 this year as compared to Rs.53,923.37 crore during the corresponding period last year, registering an increase of 7.91 percent, an official statement said here on Tuesday.

The Railways carried 677.58 million tonnes of commodity-wise freight traffic during April-November period as compared to 647.01 million tonnes carried during the corresponding period last year, registering an increase of 4.72 per cent.

Of the total earnings of Rs.7,880.44 crore from freight during November 2013, Rs.3293.18 crore came from transporting 39.91 million tonnes of coal, followed by Rs.874.23 crore from 10.58 million tonnes of iron ore for exports, steel plants and for other domestic user, Rs.684.25 crore from 8.26 million tonnes of cement, and Rs.575.88 crore from 3.71 million tonnes of foodgrain.

Other freight earnings were: Rs.478.98 crore from 3.48 million tonnes of petroleum oil and lubricants (POL), Rs.484.82 crore from 3.23 million tonnes of pig iron and finished steel from steel plants and other points, Rs.489.75 crore from 4.39 million tonnes of fertilizers, Rs.139.91 crore from 1.36 million tonnes of raw materials for steel plants except iron ore, Rs.327.95 crore from 3.37 million tonnes by container service, and Rs.531.49 crore from 6.02 million tonnes of other goods, the statement said.

Update: 17-December-2013