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Dry cleaning secrets you should be aware of


New York, Dec 17 (IANS) When you spill drink on your dress, resist from showing off your dry cleaning skills. Let the experts handle it if you don't wish to ruin it. There are more points that should be kept in mind to keep your clothes in good form.

Huffingtonpost.com shares more secrets:

- Don't try to fix stains yourself: When you spill red wine on your white blouse or any other drink, don't run to the bathroom and splash cold water on it. Blotting the stain a little on your own is fine but do not rub it.

- You can wash most sweaters yourself: Not all clothes need to be dry cleaned. Wools, cashmeres and light coloured silks are hand-wash friendly.

- Don't put dirty clothes back in the closet: Just because you might not need to wear your party wear again for months doesn't mean it should sit in your closet dirty until your next party. Stains settle in over time and will be harder to remove later. Dirty clothes also attract moths.

- Find a cleaner who really knows how to press: Go to a dry cleaner who knows how to press a garment if you want to save the quality of the garment.


Update: 17-December-2013