• Afghan: 9 militants killed
  • Bihar: 55 students fall ill
  • Shanghai: Tiger kills feeder
  • Republic of Congo: 18 killed
  • New Zealand Earthquake
  • Al-Qaida militants kill 100
  • Iraq council attacked
  • 21 killed in Philippine
  • Baghdad blasts: 13 killed
  • Mexico: 10 bodies found

Did the Polynesians invent binary system?

It's time to unlearn what the world thought was a European discovery.

Woman in MP delivers 10 babies - all stillborn

In an extremely rare case, a 28-year-old woman in Madhya Pradesh delivered 10 babies - but all stillborn, a doctor said on Monday.

Fast-track courts are really not so fast!

Trials in fast-track courts are running at a snail's pace compared to last year. Six fast-track courts in Delhi, designated for speedy disposal of sexual offences cases, have disposed of only around 400 cases till the end of November. At least 1,090 sexual offence cases are still pending.

More police at night, but fear still lurks

More police personnel, deployed at check-points and on motorbikes and patrol vehicles, can be noticed late at night in the South Delhi area where the 23-year-old trainee physiotherapist was gang-raped a year ago, but fear still lurks among the people.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif: Rising star on Pak political firmament

She has the face of a movie star, political savvy of Benazir Bhutto and a rising role model for the nation's youth as "abba," Prime Minister Nawas Sharif, reposes growing trust in her abilities.

HC verdict on death for four rapists likely in Jan

The Delhi High Court verdict in the Dec 16 gang rape case confirming the death sentence of the four accused is likely to be delivered in January, lawyers said.

What women want: An enlightened mindset

I still remember partying on Dec 16 last year, unaware of the horrors a fellow city mate was facing. I did not know her, yet I did.

Decoding Kejriwal: A leader in the making

A political party established in November 2012 became a ray of hope for voters in Delhi. Kejriwal went on to defeat three-time Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

One year after December 16 gang-rape

A whole year has gone by, but their wounds refuse to heal. The anguished parents of the Dec 16 gang-rape victim live for the day the rapists will hang.

MiG-21 FL flies into IAF history

The iconic MiG-21 FL -- a variant in the MiG-21 series of fighter aircraft -- that heralded the dawn of the supersonic jet era for the Indian Air Force half a century ago on Wednesday passed into military aviation history at an emotional fly past and parade at an air base here.